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Founded by Mr. VIJAY SHANJAR RAI (EX INDIAN NAVY) in 2000, V M GROUP is well-known for its military like discipline and precision honed to perfection.

VM Guardforce Pvt Ltd is a modern private security company with a broad range of security service offerings. We cater to a wide range of clients, both organizations and individuals. Ours is an established, reliable, and accredited security protection firm.

Our team has a collective experience of over 100 years in designing and deploying the most advanced security plans for our clients. Besides we have the knowledge and the expertise to provide professional security services as required for specific, custom roles.

With a steadfast focus on time bound results, VM brings to table an amalgam of diverse competencies needed for giving an overall security edge (even reinvention) for organizations, industries and residential complexes.


VM Security Services Team

Leadership in Action


Vijay Shankar Rai

Vijay Shankar Rai (VSR) is the founder of VM Group. A professional diver with the Indian Navy, VSR had some unique experiences in maritime and shore based security scenarios. Upon his retirement from the Indian navy, he founded VM Group as a proactive entrepreneurial setup to enhance the security levels in our organizational and personal lives.

As the Managing Director of the group, VSR's efforts are augmented by his eclectic team of thoroughbred professionals who are some of the leading thought leaders in the industry.

Business contacts: +91 98926 04825
Email: cmd@vmgroupsecurity.com


D.Y. Patel

D.Y. Patel is one of the stalwarts in security and is our senior adviser. He has extensive experience in maritime security, after having serving over 18 years with Carnival Corp & Plc in the United States of America. His credentials include: Certified Security Officer as per International Ship and Port Security code, international terrorism and maritime intelligence, crowd and crisis management, homicide investigator, criminal investigator, narcotics & organized crime investigator, intelligence officer, loss prevention officer, to name a few.

His expertise includes but is not limited to: Security Assessment and Gap Analysis, Security Audits, Criminal Investigations, Bomb Threat Management, International Terrorism and Maritime Security, Design and development of Security Plan. He has gone through various security training programs conducted by FBI, USCG, ATF, and Lloyd's Register.


Manish Naik

Manish Naik is the cofounder and director of Canopy, a leading crisis management consulting firm of India. With us he is associated as a senior adviser. He is an alumnus of Columbia Business School (SLP '11), Harvard Kennedy School (HKSEE '09), National Defence Academy, Pune and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He also holds a master's degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

In the crisis leadership and security domain, Manish has conceptualized proactive methods of preventive security and crisis management: strategic security; crisis handling, mitigation and communication; pre- and post-crisis action plans; integrated organizational-structural-electronic (OSE) security measures for high rise buildings and vital installations; preventive and corrective security controls for terrorism threats; and security audits.

In the armed forces, he served on the Siachen Glacier - the highest battlefield in the world, and was wounded in action in Jammu & Kashmir in anti-terrorism operations. He is a trained commando from the Infantry School, Belgaum, and has served with the famed Special Frontier Force (SFF) and foreign forces on key missions. His core specialty includes: crisis leadership, security and disaster mitigation, counter terrorism in urban areas, multi-terrain survival training, asset protection, security innovations and loss prevention in vital facilities.

Manish is a management faculty and teaches business policy, HR and strategic management at leading B-Schools of Mumbai like JBIMS, Welingkar and NMIMS.

Earlier in his career Manish has also headed a leading 40-year-old facility management firm as its Group CEO, and has been the COO of an ad agency. He is a prolific speaker at various forums, and also holds key positions on boards of a few nonprofits.